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Arabic language for non-native speakers


The Arabic language is a universal language and one of the world’s most important and ancient languages. The honor of Allah endowed with the Arabic language has increased its importance, as he revealed his book to the Seal of the Prophets in it, so it was the language of his book and the language of his Prophet,_Peace be upon him_. Therefore, every Muslim was keen to learn even something from it.
We aim to empower students with multiple language skills and develop the performance of those who are fluent in the Arabic language, who wish to acquire the specialized professional language.
In this diploma, we use  systematic series for learning Arabic for non-native speakers that contains three levels, each level contains six units, each unit includes read and meditate, listen and speak, listen and write, think and learn. In addition to a book of exercises for each level aimed at developing the student’s language skills after studying each unit. The book exercises are divided into writing, listening and speaking in addition to paying attention to vocabulary, grammar and calligraphy.

  • First level (1st book) 

            Firist level (2nd book)

  • Second level (1st book)

             Second level (2nd book)

  • Third level (1st book)

             Third level (2nd book)